Fifty Skills Of Grey – a Symposium

February 19 - 22, 2015

Learn how to perform and enjoy the actual BDSM skills mentioned in the novel Fifty Shades of Grey! Over 4 days with 14 workshops, Kink University presents the most comprehensive crash course in kinky lifestyle, bringing together some of the most notable experts and presenters on BDSM and sensuality topics to show you the real skills behind the story.

This unique, single-track symposium covers all 50 BDSM and sexuality techniques mentioned in the book and movie Fifty Shades of Grey. Because there's only one track, you can attend any or all of the 14 workshops, one after the other. You don't have to miss a thing. The result? You'll leave with the power of gaining a comprehensive practical skill set and an understanding of bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadomasochism.

The fifty skills of grey symposium has been a huge success! Thank you all for coming! To brush up on all the BDSM skills you have mastered and to learn many more, please visit

February 19th

1. Initiation to BDSM $9.95

7:00pm - 8:00pm (60 minutes)

Presenters: Jiz Lee

This is a must-see class for anyone new to BDSM or trying to introduce a partner to kinky sex. Learn what's-what in the wild world of kink, and discover how BDSM skills can make your sex life safer and more satisfying!

  • •Coming Out Kinky to Those You Date
  • •How to Give and Get Consent
  • •Safety
  • •Negotiation (Soft and Hard Limits)
  • •Aftercare

2. Easy Sexy Bondage $29.95

8:30pm - 10:00pm (90 minutes)

Presenters: Danarama

Learn more than a dozen ways to restrain your lover. Focusing on the techniques mentioned in the story, you'll discover not only how Christian Grey did what he did, but how you can do it even better.

  • •Necktie
  • •Bedpost Ties
  • •Bit gag/ball gag
  • •Hair Bondage
  • •Shirt Restraint
  • •Masking Tape
  • •Wrist Cuffs
  • •Zip ties/Cable ties

February 20th

3. Playful and Painful with Bare Hands $9.95

7:00pm - 7:30pm (30 minutes)

Presenters: Lamalani

Taking control in the bedroom is easy when you know some of the basics of handling your partner in a dominant manner, with confident arm holds, gentle or firm hair holds, or exciting nipple torture.

  • •Arm Control Holds
  • •Hair Pulling
  • •Nipple Clamps

4. Seductive Sensory Deprivation $9.95

8:00pm - 8:30pm (30 minutes)

Presenters: Mona Wales, Siouxsie Q

From the seduction of anonymity to the mindfuck of isolation, learn how masks and sensory deprivation (using items you may already have) can heighten physical sensations, submission, and sensuality.

  • •Blindfolds
  • •Earphones
  • •Masks

5. Impact Play with Implements $19.95

9:00pm - 10:30pm (90 minutes)

Presenters: Danarama, Miette Rouge

Learn how to safely indulge in the sadomasochistic thrills of administering pleasurable pain. Learn the right ways to use the most essential implements of sexy punishment, from bare hands to toys.

  • •Riding Crop
  • •Spanking
  • •Flogging
  • •Beating with a Belt

February 21th

6. Lifestyle Dominance and Submission $9.95

11:00am - 12:00pm (60 minutes)

Presenters: Mona Wales, Siouxsie Q

Discover dominance secrets D/s couples use to maintain a connection, mentally and physically, even when apart. See how controlling your lover's choices and actions can make for consensual fun.

  • •Dietary Control
  • •Forced Exercise
  • •Distance D/s (Text)

7. 24/7 Full-time Dominance and Submission $19.95

1:00pm - 2:30pm (90 minutes)

Presenters: Penny Barber

Ready to kick your D/s up a notch, or even try it full-time? Here's what you need to know about consensual contracts, binding your partner into service to you, including guiding their spending habits.

  • •Slave Contracts
  • •Financial Domination

8. Dominance and Submission Scenes $24.95

3:00pm - 4:30pm (90 minutes)

Presenters: Mona Wales

Whether you're full-time D/s or just for the night, learn these play techniques that drive your dominance deeper into the mind of your submissive. Instruct their dressing. Turn them on. Tease them hard.

  • •Clothing Control
  • •Dirty Talk
  • •Humiliation

9. Protocol and Position Training $19.95

5:00pm - 6:30pm (90 minutes)

Presenters: Thraje

One of the most enriching and beautiful aspects of D/s is the emphasis on scene and master/slave protocol. Learn private and public rules of the road, from memorized positions, rituals, and manners.

  • •Protocol Basics
  • •Deportment, Eye-line, Honorific
  • •Position Training

Play Like Grey Dungeon Party $25
(FREE to attendees of any workshop!)

9:00pm - 12:00am (3 hours)

Put your skills to the test at the dungeon party on Saturday night in the famous Armory studios of Enjoy an enormous play space, multiple rooms, and amazing dungeon devices. Share your skills with your partner and play on sets you've seen on Sex & Submission, The Training of O, Divine Bitches, and more.

  • •Age 18+ only.
  • •No photography or video permitted.
  • •Safer sex supplies provided.

February 22th

10. Deep Kissing, Bathtub & Elevator Sex $9.95

11:00am - 12:00pm (60 minutes)

Presenters: Mickey Mod

BDSM isn't all about pain. There's great sensuality, even in the basics of kissing and caring for your partner as foreplay or aftercare. Learn how to spice up your make-out skills, and turn up the heat with spontaneous sex in unusual places.

  • •French Kissing
  • •Bathtub Sex
  • •Love in an Elevator (and other spontaneous thrills)

11. Dominant's Guide to Oral Sex and Fingering $29.95

1:00pm - 2:30pm (90 minutes)

Presenters: Danarama

Learn the hot sexual techniques that bonded Christian and Ana together. With actual demonstrations, we'll turn you on to surprising, amazing, innovative skills for pleasing your partner orally and digitally.

  • •Blowjob
  • •Cunnilingus
  • •Finger Fucking

12. Adding Kink & Toys $19.95

3:00pm - 4:00pm (60 minutes)

Presenters: Eve Minax

Turn up the fire down below, with kinky techniques for using sex toys and special skills to take your partner to the edge of orgasm--and beyond it, only if you command. Learn to safely add kink to your sex.

  • •Vaginal Beads/Ben Wa Balls
  • •Bullet Vibes
  • •Dildos
  • •Forced Masturbation
  • •Orgasm Control

13. Dungeon Design - Your Own "Red Room of Pain" $9.95

4:30pm - 5:30pm (60 minutes)

Presenters: Corrupt Morals

Ever wanted to convert a space in your apartment or house as a dungeon space where your fantasies can come true? Learn decoration, design, and construction tips on how to transform your kinky place.

  • •Tips for creating your own "Red Room of Pain."
  • •Examples of others' home dungeons.

14. Adventure Scenes & Abduction Play $14.95

6:00pm - 7:00pm (60 minutes)

Presenters: Danarama

Even if you're not a pilot like Mr. Grey, you can capture much of the same thrill and others by learning where and how to find airborne adventure in the Bay Area. Learn how to kidnap your lover for fun times.

  • •Flying (Discovery flights, skydiving, gliders, and hot air balloons)
  • •Abduction Play

The fifty skills of grey symposium has been a huge success! Thank you all for coming! To brush up on all the BDSM skills you have mastered and to learn many more, please visit


The San Francisco Armory | 1800 | Mission Street
San Francisco CA, 94103